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Announcement: New Instructor for 2017 India Workshop: Spoilers; I have to replace myself!

April 20, 2016


For a little while now we have been advertising a sketching workshop to India.

The plan is a travel sketching trip to Delhi, Varanasi and Agra. It should be an incredible opportunity to discover this exotic country through the art of sketchbook journalism.

Unfortunately I have to announce that I must step back from this trip.

We are facing issues surrounding my parents’ ill-health that make future trips of this length impractical. I will still be travelling for workshops in 2016 – but for the foreseeable future afterwards I’m putting trips longer than a few days off the table.

But – I don’t want to dwell on that news. I want to introduce our hand-picked replacement instructor!


On our recent trip to Portugal, we had the great opportunity to work alongside Anne-Laure Jacquart, a watercolor sketcher from France.

Over the two week trip we became increasingly impressed with her obvious love for sketching, her great personality, and her fearlessly direct approach to watercolor.

Her work is remarkably fresh, fun, and informative to watch. And of course, full of the kind of storytelling that makes travel sketching so rewarding.

In her own life she’s been a teacher for many years, and is also the author of seven books on photography and composition. She has been a photography blogger for ages, and is now developing her career as a travel sketcher. She’s launched an excellent sketching blog and youtube channel which I recommend to everyone:

Anne-Laure Jacquart: Watercolor Sketching (dot com).

Some of you might also be interested in her photo blog, as it does relate closely to the art of sketchbook journalism.


While drawing side-by-side in Portugal, we had initially discussed the possibility of Anne-Laure and I co-teaching an event. With this current situation in my family, I am very pleased to say she is willing and excited to take over and lead the sketching trip to India!

I think her work is ideally suited to the kind of trip I would love to have done in such an exotic place. There will be so much color and activity going on around you – the sketchbook is the perfect way for an artist to immerse themselves.

If you have been thinking about this workshop and have any questions, you can mail me separately (marc(dot)taro(at)gmail(dot)com, contact Anne-Laure through her website, or simply go to the direct link to register for the India sketching tour at Nancy Walsh’s Going Places Together.

There are only 10 spaces available, so you might want to register today!


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  1. Bill Fagan permalink
    April 20, 2016 4:07 PM

    Sorry about your parents health issues. I hope youll be able to do Galway. Do you recommend buying a tripod easel to bring?

    • April 20, 2016 5:47 PM

      Hey Bill – yes Galway is still on! as well as a few other things in 2016. This is just for going forward into 2017.

      RE: an easel – I don’t think that’s necessary for Galway – we’ll be going to a couple different locations between AM and PM, and we might be drawing swiftly in narrow lanes. so it’s likely too much to carry. I think a good set of drawing boards (I like my coroplast) will be fine. I will draw on taped down watercolor paper, sketchbooks would work fine too. (Other than waiting for the page to dry before starting a new drawing).

      Check out pictures of drawing board setups on the gear page here :

      I would however consider a folding stool if you don’t find it easy to stand all day. I’m getting that way as I near 50! ~m

  2. April 20, 2016 4:27 PM

    Hi! I went on Anne-Laure’s blogs which are very interesting,but could find no way of following. They don’t seem to have a ‘follow’ button?

    • April 21, 2016 9:23 AM

      Hi, it’s Anne-Laure. I am really happy you liked my blog!
      I just worked on a following setting, this morning. So, now, you can subscribe to the blog if you want to!
      The form is at the top right of the website.

      Thank you for your interest! :)

  3. May 6, 2016 9:13 AM

    So sorry to hear about your parents and hoping things go smoothly.


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