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Figure Drawing

08_uqam_intensif 2014 (5)

Over the years I’ve done a tremendous amount of life drawing. All of my sketching on location. or in my illustration work for that matter, is based on the skills I first learned drawing the model from life.


Like, everyone, I started with graphite and charcoal, but fairly quickly I began to work in watercolor.

At some point, painting rapid sketches of the model, and painting rapid sketches out in the field, all became one single unified approach to working. that I ended up calling Direct Watercolor.

08_uqam_intensif 2014 (6)

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05_16nov01_brush-drawing_life-model_nude__direct-collage_watercolor (3)

05_16nov01_brush-drawing_life-model_nude__direct-collage_watercolor (1).jpg05_16nov01_brush-drawing_life-model_nude__direct-collage_watercolor (2)


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