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There’s a lot of stuff in these pages that maybe gets buried in the chronological nature of a web-blog.

So, here are some of the more useful category searches and sub-pages:

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Thanks for stopping by, and best of luck with your drawing and painting!



Hey also! Here’s a few of my favorite articles from years past.

John Singer Sargent Watercolor Exhibition Review, Boston 2014: This is a short article summarizing first-hand discoveries from a show of Sargent’s watercolors.


Four post series on my first breakthrough with Direct Watercolor: Read about the lightbulb moment in 2014.

Smoke and Mirrors : Big Tobacco on Trial: My real-life courtroom sketches (2015) from the historic close of the legal case in Canada against the tobacco industry, accused of knowingly marketing harmful addictive products.

The Innocence Lost Production Diary: A six-week reportage project (2013) of my live-drawings following the production of a play from first script reading, to stage lights and costumed rehearsal.

And, In an entirely different vein, I wrote this post: Semantic Dementia and my Stepfather’s Brief Artistic Interpretation as a small bit of encouragement for caregivers who might be looking for activities to do with patients suffering from cognitive decline, and possibly, as a case-study for art therapists.

~thanks, m


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