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There’s a lot of stuff in these pages that maybe gets buried in the chronological nature of a web-blog.

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Let me highlight these ones:

As of 2022 I am changing my focus toward our annual events:

  • #OneWeek100People < This is the best exercise for learning life drawing. If you only do one kind of self-teaching, this is it. Watch me do my own homework.
  • #30x30DirectWatercolor < All the posts related to our annual watercolor painting marathon.

Finally, here are some of the more useful category searches, full of tips for artists!
And, if you just want to start reading chronologically, there is a drop down ARCHIVES menu on the right hand side of the page. 

Thanks for stopping by, and best of luck with your drawing and painting!

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Hey also! Here’s a few of my favorite articles from years past.

John Singer Sargent Watercolor Exhibition Review, Boston 2014: This is a short article summarizing first-hand discoveries from a show of Sargent’s watercolors.


Four post series on my first breakthrough with Direct Watercolor: Read about the lightbulb moment in 2014.

Smoke and Mirrors : Big Tobacco on Trial: My real-life courtroom sketches (2015) from the historic close of the legal case in Canada against the tobacco industry, accused of knowingly marketing harmful addictive products.

The Innocence Lost Production Diary: A six-week reportage project (2013) of my live-drawings following the production of a play from first script reading, to stage lights and costumed rehearsal.

And, In an entirely different vein, I wrote this post: Semantic Dementia and my Stepfather’s Brief Artistic Interpretation as a small bit of encouragement for caregivers who might be looking for activities to do with patients suffering from cognitive decline, and possibly, as a case-study for art therapists.

~thanks, m

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