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Have you ever felt the feeling of seeing original art? Not in a museum, but something created by a living person? I think you feel something special when you realize it’s a personal communication. One person made this thing just for you, to enjoy for the rest of your life.

Owning a painting is a reward you give yourself, that pays back every day. Every passing glance is a little vacation for your mind.

Artwork is a proven stress-reliever. A restorative journey for your spirit. Simply put, art brings joy into your life.

I want to make it possible for you to have that experience, so, I’ve put the very best of my affordable work on

If you’ve ever been a fan of my work, or long-time reader of these pages, I hope you’ll consider a purchase.

We’re offering very reasonable prices, and free shipping to anywhere in the USA or Canada. Please, get in touch if you’re living somewhere else, we can figure out how to get a painting to you.

They also make excellent gifts. Ideal for a wedding or anniversary, a graduation or retirement. Any of the significant stages of our lives that should be commemorated with something lasting.

Click here to visit the shop, and see what might be on sale today.

If you’d like to receive updates when new items go up, or when I’m offering a seasonal sale, please subscribe to this blog by entering your email at the top of the right-hand side bar.

It is my greatest hope that my paintings can bring some joy into your home, just as my art-teaching has brought joy to your lives.

Thanks so much for your support.

~Marc Taro Holmes

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