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When is the last time you experienced an original work of art?
Not in a museum, but something created by a living person?

Wouldn’t you love to experience that inspiration every day? 

I think you feel something special when you realize it’s a personal communication. One person made this thing just for you, to enjoy for the rest of your life.

Owning a painting is a reward you give yourself. Something that pays back every day. Every passing glance is a little vacation for your mind.

Artwork is a proven stress-reliever. A restorative journey for your spirit.

Simply put, art brings joy into your life.

I want to make it possible for you to have that experience, so, I’ve put the very best of my affordable work on

You Can Still Go There Though_10x10

If you’ve ever been a fan of my work, or long-time reader of these pages, I hope you’ll consider a purchase.

We’re offering very reasonable prices, and free shipping to anywhere in the USA or Canada. Please, get in touch if you’re living somewhere else, we can figure out how to get a painting to you.

They also make excellent gifts. Ideal for a wedding or anniversary, a graduation or retirement. Any of the significant stages of our lives that should be commemorated with something lasting.

On the Red Path_16x16

Click here to visit the shop, and see what might be on sale today.

If you’d like to receive updates when new items go up, or when I’m offering a seasonal sale, please subscribe to this blog by entering your email at the top of the right-hand side bar.

It is my greatest hope that my paintings can bring some joy into your home, just as my art-teaching has brought joy to your lives.

Thanks so much for your support.

~Marc Taro Holmes

Hard to Find the Edge of a Vanishing Sea_16x16

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