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About Marc


Welcome to Citizen Sketcher:

What I’m working on here is an open-ended journal of location sketching and travel drawing. I consider it a kind of citizen journalism or documentary – but from the point of view of an artist, rather than a film-maker or photographer.

I’m interested in the way a point in time can be re-created with just a few lines and a splash of color. While a spontaneous sketch isn’t always the accurate representation we have come to expect from photography, it can function like a visual short-hand.

Looking at an artist’s experience of a place compressed into marks on paper – it’s like comparing poetry to prose. In a sketch, we are saying less, to say more.

It’s a passion of mine that I hope is interesting to watch evolve.

Would you like to own an image from this blog?: We can make archival quality prints of (almost) any of the images on the site. If you see something you’d like on your walls, just contact us at: marc.taro(at) Open edition prints are selling in the $40-150 range, depending on size. Max dimensions 24×26″, shipped un-matted.

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Public Appearances: Due to an ongoing challenge with family health matters, I am no longer travelling to teach painting workshops. (As of fall 2016).  However, I am available for guest lectures, demonstration paintings, exhibition jurying, or other such overnight expeditions. If your organization is interested, please contact me to discuss timing, travel expenses and honorarium. > marc.taro(at)


NOTE ON COPYRIGHT: All artwork on is copyright Marc Taro Holmes. All photography copyright Laurel Anne Holmes. Unless otherwise credited and linked. We are happy to offer usage rights for our work at very reasonable rates. Feel free to contact me at: marc.taro(at)


About the Artist:

Marc is author of The Urban Sketcher: Techniques for Seeing and Drawing on Location (2014), from North Light Books. As well, he is the instructor of two online classes in location sketching (2014/15) available from

Marc has been a correspondent with since 2009, and was a board member and site editor from 2009-2016.

In recent news, Marc was elected to the Canadian Society of Painters in Watercolor in December of 2016.

Marc graduated in 1995 with a BFA from the Alberta College of Art and Design in Calgary Alberta, and is currently living in Montreal Quebec.

After graduation Marc enjoyed a 15+ year career as an Art Director and Concept Artist for various studios including Electronic Arts, Microsoft, and Disney, working on games such as Dragon Age Inquisition, Neverwinter Nights and Baldur’s Gate. He still works in game design on a contract basis, specializing in characters / costumes, and fantasy-historical environmental design.  His second art book: Designing Creatures and Characters: How to Build an Artist’s Portfolio for Video Games, Film, Animation and More was released in October of 2016.


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