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Designing Creatures and Characters

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I’m very pleased to announce the release of my second art instructional book: Designing Creatures and Characters: How to Build an Artist’s Portfolio for Video Games, Film, Animation, and More.

The book represents the culmination of my 20+ year career in video games and feature film animation.

I started in game design right out of art college. Over the next decade working as an Art Director on games such as Neverwinter Nights and Lord of the Rings Online, I was also working at night training my drawing skills. Until at last, I could finally earn the role I’d always wanted: Professional Concept Artist.


In the book I’m offering my hard-earned experience from both sides of the desk.

I’ll give you my insider view of what art directors and producers need to see in a candidate’s portfolio, and I’ll show you the tricks and techniques I used in the trenches to deliver successful concepts day after day, deadline after deadline.


I wrote this book for artists who are serious about the field of entertainment media concept art as a profession.

I constantly get questions about what the job is like, how to handle being creative on a deadline, and most importantly – how to get that crucial first interview. What do art directors want to see!?

This book is my complete answer to all those questions and more.


The chapters guide you through the character creation process from the initial brainstorming sketches, through the vital construction blueprints, to the final illustrated marketing pitch.

Each chapter is full of advice and examples, backed up by hands-on exercises that have been carefully designed to build your perfect portfolio, hone your skills, and demonstrate the quality – and quantity – of your ideas.


Concept art as a profession is not simply about great painting. It’s also about how you think, and how you solve problems, and how you transmit those ideas to the team.

No matter if you’re a student just about to graduate into the market, or a working artist looking to jump from a related field such as graphic design, comics or freelance illustration – this book can help you prove you have the skills and the inside knowledge you need to succeed!


Concept art has to be one of the greatest jobs in the world. Your artistic imagination unleashed, constantly innovating, constantly inventing. Your drawings leading a team of incredible digital artists in making a game or film audiences will love.

If you’re serious about this goal, give yourself the edge and order a copy today!

Order Designing Creatures and Characters from Amazon
US | CA )

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