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#30×30, 2022, Day 15: Mid Point Crit with Uma Kelkar

June 15, 2022

When you’re doing a marathon like this, it helps to have a partner who will exchange critiques.

Critique is a great form of encouragement. I think it’s superior to just plain sharing :)

What you’re looking for in a critique partner (or circle) is honesty, strong opinions, and accountability. A great critique-er will say something if they feel you could do better, or if you’re falling into repetitive habits. Think of it more like a gym partner than a support group :) You both need a bit of a ‘tough-love’ attitude. Even a little sense of competition between yourselves is ok, as long as there’s mutual respect. If the critique comes from a real desire to help, then you can say anything and there will be no offense taken :) (Ideally!)

Maybe it’s just me, but I find accountability more motivating than praise or comradeship. If you know your critique partner is going to tell you what they really think – well – you don’t want to embarrass yourself by not delivering right?

It’s really is the best way to finish a marathon.

In fact – I’m going to suggest; If you don’t know anyone in your area – you can always post on the Facebook Group and see if anyone would like to do a weekly zoom show-and-tell with you?

I’m sure someone will be up for it! – I will make a sticky post right now where people can put their name in the hat.

But – I won’t moderate or match-make :) This is up to you guys to choose someone who’s work you like (or you feel is ‘at your level’).

Please message each other, and see if you can set up a regular zoom. Maybe it will last beyond this one month. It’s worked for me with a writer’s group I’m in.

Best of luck!


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