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Save the Date: The Last Hurrah! The #30×30 Online Closing Party(s) – Details Inside: Register on June 25th!

June 14, 2022

So this is your first heads up! We’ll be doing the zoom gathering / show-and-tell again this year!

We will be sending out a message on June 25th, with the links to a ‘sign up’ form.

If you’re interested, just make sure you’re subscribed by entering your email in the upper right of this blog.

The ‘zoom-social’ was a lot of fun in previous years. It’s basically a big show-and-tell. Participants show us their favorite piece from the marathon, (or the one you most want feedback on), and tell us a bit about what you learned, or the projects you invented for the marathon. Some of the themes and challenges people come up with are brilliant. I’m going to try ‘Painting in 20 touches’ myself.

There are two calls – June 30th, 9am and 7pm Pacific Time.

*Please only attempt to register for one of the time slots!*

If you don’t get in, (we’re sorry!) – you will be able to watch the Zoom as a live YouTube, where you can chat with everyone else watching. That’s second best, but you can still learn a lot from listening to the critiques. The link for that will also come on the 25th.

Also – anticipating the question – No, you do *NOT* have to have *won* the marathon, as in – completed 30 in 30 days. Any amount of participation is ok!

Just a note – we do ask that you try to have lots of light near your zoom setup! (So we can see your piece.) A dedicated webcam is the very best. A laptop or tablet with a built-in cam is good, if it’s a newer model. With an older tablet or phone, be VERY sure you have plenty of light, or we wont be able to see the colors of your piece.

Also, If you can’t zoom with friends or family without stuttering voices – that means your connection is slow. A possible fix is, make sure nobody in your house is streaming video or playing games at the same time. Thanks very much, and looking forward to meeting 50 of you face to face!

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