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The #OneWeek100People Sketchbook Scavenger Hunt

February 16, 2022

This year, Liz Steel and I (Liz is the co-creator of #OneWeek100People) – we were talking about how to best return to post-pandemic sketching from life. We hit upon the old sketching game – the scavenger hunt!

in I bet some of you have done this kind of thing right?

The rules are simple.

Here’s a list of types of people. (Text below).

The challenge is to see how many of these you can sketch – FROM REAL LIFE! Note: there’s no such rules for the larger Just-Get-To-100 goal. (Photos are ok there :)

This scavenger hunt is an OPTIONAL fun thing, Just a game to play that will get you out on the street.

So, to score a point, that means un-posed sketches, not from a photo. And then POST THEM on the FACEBOOK GROUP. (Or hashtag with#OneWeek100People on the platform of your choice.)

You can add color later, or even do a little more drawing. But the capture should be ‘in the moment’. Also, you can ONLY SCORE ONCE from a subject. That means you have to keep finding new things!

OK? If I missed anything ask away in the comments, or of course your judgement is fine!

So yes – score yourself one point for every sketch you get – and see if you can get 20/20!

We’ve also added ‘BONUS SKETCHES’ which score 2x points because of their extra difficulty. So the potential maximum score is 30/20!

Best of luck, sketching friends!

  1. Person with an Animal
  2. Construction or City Worker
  3. Office/Shop Worker
  4. Person Carrying the Shopping
  5. Person with Bike/Motorcycle/Scooter
  6. Adult with Child
  7. Someone Eating
  8. Someone Drinking
  9. Someone Reading/Writing
  10. Person Standing in Line
  11. Public Transit Portrait
  12. Athlete in Action / Kids Activity
  13. Street Performer / Performer on Stage / Presenter
  14. People on Escalator / Elevator / Stairs
  15. Two People in Conversation
  16. Colorful Clothing / Odd Costume
  17. Interesting Accessory (Cane, Umbrella, Cart, Pram)
  18. Someone in Uniform
  19. Postman / Delivery Person
  20. Business Attire, Formal, Dressed to the Nines!

BONUS ITEMS (worth 2x!) :

  1. A person doing something you’ve never drawn before.
  2. A group of four or more people! (You might have to run to keep up with them :))
  3. Unusual Posture – lying down, sitting cross legged, handstand!?
  4. Portrait of a stranger, drawn with permission – you must engage and ask!
  5. Someone doing something they shouldn’t be doing!
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  1. Tina Koyama permalink
    February 17, 2022 1:17 AM

    The scavenger hunt sounds like so much fun… and in “normal” times I would definitely be up for it! But it is NOT post-pandemic or anything close to it here. :-( COVID has definitely taken the fun out of OneWeek100People the past 2 years.

    • February 17, 2022 10:02 AM

      Hey Tina I’m very sorry to hear that. I was kind of afraid that would be the situation for some people. I’m very lucky to have had my fourth vaccine recently. And I plan to do most of my sketching outdoors and from a very long distance. But I absolutely understand if it’s not the time for you. If you can squeeze some fun out of drawing from photos please jump in that way! Best of luck with your Covid situation. -m

  2. February 20, 2022 11:31 AM

    I like the scavenger idea, Marc. Unfortunately with every “competition” come rules and that bit about posting in a Facebook group brings me up short. I no longer post any graphics on Facebook. But I may play along privately, posting on my blog.. IF things warm up by then (grin). I sure do need the practice. Thanks to you and Liz for continuing this tradition in spite of the pandemic interruptions.


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