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Announcing! #OneWeek100People in 2022 – Our Sixth Year: Mon Mar 7 – Fri Mar 11

February 15, 2022

When the calendar flipped and we found ourselves in 2022, the first thing I thought about was our drawing marathon #OneWeek100People. < < < Just follow that link to find out about the event! You’ll also find the last five ‘seasons’ of my sketches all in one place.

This year, we had a big decision to make – should we draw at home in quarantine – as we did in 2021, or should we return to drawing from life?

My answer this year is going to be – hit the streets my son!

So – it’s been 538 days since my last drawing of a living breathing human being.
(Discounting Zoom, which I’m sorry, but it’s not the same :))

I’m not going to rail at fate here. We’ve had a very lucky pandemic. Boredom is hardly the worst outcome. My apologies and sincere sympathy to anyone who’s had real misfortune. And besides, I was already moving towards studio painting, the quarantine only helped me along.

Me: “Head into the studio and lock the door? Yes please!”
Covid: “Ok buddy, you asked for it!”

As the fifth Omicron wave begins to lighten up here – I find myself champing at the bit.

#OneWeek100People was originally imagined as *living your best life through the pages of your sketchbook*. I want to use my drawing skills as motivation to experience things. And my experiences as a way to improve my skills! Pretty neat hey?

My sketchbook is a life support system – a magical machine helping an introverted artist go into the world and do things I’d never otherwise do.

#OneWeek100People is about turning that up to eleven. It’s both a passport and a boot-in-the-behind. It’s an invitation to put aside distractions and responsibilities, and tap into a whole lot of peer pressure. The good kind! The kind of teamwork that will banish my desire to stay at home and play video games, or to noodle away at oil paintings in the comfort (and solitude) of my studio.

So I hope I will see you this year in the Facebook group, or using the hashtag #OneWeek100People on your platform of choice!

So – that’s where I am. Excited to be back drawing from life. BUT! If you’re not ready – if your local Covid situation isn’t great, or if you’re immunocompromised, I absolutely understand. I hope you’ll feel like drawing with us anyway, working from photos and film.

I’m sure we all have our social media of choice? I like street photography groups on Flickr, (above) and there is the iOS app Museum by Sktchy, (portraits) or the youtube channel Croquis Cafe (for nude figures). or my old standby – cuing up a movie and sketching on pause.

For the street sketchers – especially those of you in a warmer climate – we have a new idea this year.

We’d like to introduce the idea of a #OneWeek100People Scavenger Hunt.

We’re going to send out a list of sketching subjects, and if you want to play, see if you can find the right kind of people out in the real world – and capture them from life.

Let’s play a game of hunt-and-sketch. More than a little silly I know! – but honestly – the experience of wandering, pen at the ready, looking for a great subject – it’s actually exciting! And it’s not something most of us would do without a reason. This is my invitation to spend a few afternoons wasting time drawing. Let’s do it for the fun of it :)

Ok – last thing! If you’re like most of us and time is your enemy – feel free to bend the rules. Draw on the weekend if you need to – we’re not going to check the dates of your sketches.

Or try my favorite thing – every time you have an errand – waiting at the DMV? Awesome! Picking up the takeout – no problem. Spend an extra 10 minutes sketching. Leave a little bit early for work and sketch the subway crowd. Make your buddy wait while you draw – or better yet – go sketching with a buddy! Ask your partner nicely if you can sketch while they do the shopping. (Just this one time :)) And the #1 time management trick for me? No TV or video games for an entire week. That saves me more than enough time to get my 100 people. It’s only 20 people a day!

Ok – I’ll send out more info on that tomorrow. Stay tuned.

Thanks for letting me into your inbox –


OK! Last thing! Let me just leave you with these – our traditional ‘progress bar’ images for people who want to paste them under their sketches. I always enjoy watching the row of people fill up!

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  1. Rita Cleary permalink
    February 15, 2022 12:09 PM

    I will give this a go again. I’ve tried before, and rarely get 100, and never really happy with the ones I do. But I “get it”. You don’t get better by just wanting to….it takes practice and PUSHING past that darn negative self-talk (“you are no better than a kid”). Hey, maybe that’s not a bad thought. The kids I know are actually pretty good. Maybe THAT’S the secret. Just DO IT and let it happen as it does. Sometimes it’s not too bad. Ha! (I’m not great about posting, though, Marc–I’ll try though.)

    • February 15, 2022 1:02 PM

      Hey Rita! Well I hope we get you over that inner critic! That’s why I love the deadline :) I’m always afraid I’ve forgotten how to sketch, or thinking why am I bothering? But when I have the deadline, I have no choice but to get something done!!! so here’s to teamwork :) Plus – if you do post you will get some of that sweet sweet affirmation from other people. That will definitely keep you going I promise.

    • February 16, 2022 4:23 PM

      Rita, I’m on the same boat as you. I never get to 100, and almost all of mine come out poorly. That was until last year—my third year—I had two that I liked very much. Every time I look at them, I think: yeah, I they work. So it took three years and many attempts until I produced something I was proud of. On another note, your post reminded me of a book that I’m reading called Mindset. I recommend to to everyone and the topics it covers can be put to any situation. It talks about fixed and growth mindsets. Fixed mindset is where you believe talent rules everything and you can’t go beyond it. Growth mindset is where you aren’t held within the boundaries of what you think talent is, but strive on effort. And with effort you can improve and keep growing.

  2. cisca permalink
    February 15, 2022 1:37 PM

    Geez! Has it been a year?
    Let’s go!

  3. scottngov permalink
    February 16, 2022 4:29 PM

    Marc— Looking forward to this challenge as always. These two yearly events—OneWeek100People and 30×30 always gets me to bring my gear out from hibernation. Those small single sheets that you posted. Are they cut down to 1/8 sheet? Are you using the watercolor Fabriano paper?

  4. Carmela RZ permalink
    February 18, 2022 8:51 PM

    So encouraging that this annual event has survived the covid nightmare. I’ll be joining you all–can’t promise 100 but I’ll be trying. I saw improvement in my sketchies at about 20 people–great reinforcement of the rationale behind this challenge. My thanks to you and Liz Steel!


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