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Earth Day eBook Sale!

April 22, 2020

Today, April 22, is the 50th annual Earth Day, and of course, the issue of the day should be climate change.

Likely, 50 years ago, the day’s founders were mostly concerned with industrial pollution. Along the way we have added desertification, plagues of locust, worsening storms and an annual fire season – all tied to a few degrees of shifting temperature.

Yet – who has time right now to think about abstract future worries? When the right-now is so up-ended?

Covid-19 is showing us what it’s like to be in the grip of forces we can’t control.

We are living through a pandemic caused by a virus – the smallest of things in nature. What will happen when the largest things begin to shift – the ice caps and the seas?

[ Two Million, Two Million, 18×18″ Watercolor – SOLD ]

Last year, I used our collaborative project #30x30DirectWatercolor to paint a series of abstract landscapes, attempting to visualize this abstract existential crisis.

[ The Divide, 18×18″ Watercolor ]

You can view just the paintings in this series on my portfolio site – or – read about the making-of on the #30x30DirectWatercolor 2019 page – or – you might purchase a copy of my artbook The Apocalypse Variations, where you’ll find the more personal narrative presented next to the paintings and the preparatory sketches.

In honor of Earth Day, I’ve put the eBook on sale for only $US 4.99. (International prices will vary by region). I’ll leave it at this reduced price through the month of May.

The print version is reduced as well, but it seems wrong to suggest you order a book to be printed and shipped on Earth Day, of all days :)

Thanks Everyone! ~m

[ The Narrow Path, 18×18″, Watercolor ]

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