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Workshop Announcement – Naples Italy May 30 – June 2

March 29, 2013

An urban sketching workshop
with Simo Capecchi, Lapin, Caroline Peyron and Laura Scarpa

May 30 – June 2, 2013

This second edition will offer a deep immersion in the city of Naples to all the sketchers that have always dreamed to visit South of Italy. Locations will be selected among private houses and gardens that normally are not open to the public where we will meet local activists and artists that have a story to be recounted. Participants will be guided to discover Naples by different approaches to urban sketching. Field sessions will be leaded in turn by Simo Capecchi, an architects that likes to paint; Laura Scarpa, a comic artist that has always kept a graphic diary;  Caroline Peyron, an art teacher and artist;  Lapin, a french illustrator and indefatigable urban sketcher.
Goal of these Neapolitan days is to experience that, while we draw from real, we should go beyond a simple aestethical or naturalistic result. Psychological and social investigation, but also personal sensibility and imagination can enrich location drawings that depict, reflect and elaborate reality. We observe to understand and to create.
Watch this past edition slideshow.

workshops / instructors
Urban perspectives with Simonetta Capecchi
Vintage cars and dinosaurs with Lapin
Ligh and shadows with Caroline Peyron
Tell the story with Laura Scarpa

TO REGISTER, OR FIND OUT MORE: check the USK Workshops blog (HERE)

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