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Market Street, High and Low

June 8, 2010

[30 min, ballpoint and brush pen on 100lb cover stock]

Sketching from the View Lounge, high atop the Marriott on Fourth Street, between Market and Mission. Open from 4pm – you can see a panoramic view of the city and bay bridge. I prefer the effect of the streetlight after dark. I can’t recall who built that building with the dome (drawn twice in this sketch) – some old banking fortress. It was one of the first things I drew in SF (from the ground). It’s interesting to come back to it 3 years later and get it from the air.

[10 min, ballpoint and brush pen on 100lb cover stock]

Everytime I go by the Hobart Building I want to stop and paint it. Finally grabbed a sketch. Have to get back there sometime with colors. This last one was just a storefront on Post that had some nice lighting going on. Which I didn’t really capture, in favor of capturing the design of the doorway.

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