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Travel Sketching at Spring Grove Cemetery


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In the second of my Artist Network TV sketching demonstration videos we visited Cincinnati’s oldest cemetery for a day of exploring with our sketchbooks. I always enjoy a trip to a cemetery. It might seem an odd destination, but for an artist it’s a perfect combination of architectural landmarks, sculpture gardens, and a walk through history.

The film crew was able to capture a large sketch from beginning-to-end as I demonstrate my three step process: sketching a guideline in pencil, followed by the finished drawing in pen and ink + brush pen, then finishing with a watercolor painting over the drawing.

1.5 Hour Video Sketching Demonstration

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As we explore, I’ll do another example on a figure sculpture subject, and then a set of smaller vignettes sketched directly in ink. All throughout I’ll be talking about sketching tips, and discussing how I select subjects to create a combined narrative of my travels.

The video follows the sketching methods outlined in my book The Urban Sketcher in which a simple pencil sketch becomes the guide for a finished ink drawing. This is a good approach for beginners – it separates the measuring and planning from the free-form ink drawing that makes a sketch appear alive. I never want my drawings to feel labored – sketching should be fun! – and should bring a sense of adventure to your journals.


The 1.5 hour video is available as part of the all-you-can-view subscription package at Here’s a link to find out more about the video and the subscription plans (Coming Oct 23).

I have three more videos in this sketching series – covering the topics of street sketching, drawing birds from life and how to sketch panoramas. Subscribers will be able to watch all four of my video demonstrations, as well as over 400 other art instructional programs in all media.

The Artist Network videos are also available on DVD or by Digital Download from the North Light Shop.


I hope you’ll enjoy watching me work while I talk about drawing tips, choosing subjects, and the life of the sketcher!

I do receive a small royalty for each view on the network or any dvd/download sales. So, thanks in advance for your support. It make all my art blogging and sketching workshops possible.

If you have seen the video and have any questions – please feel free to mail me at marc(dot)taro(at)

Oh! and please do download a free copy of my PDF workbook Making Expressive Pen and Ink Drawings on Location. It touches on the techniques you’ll see in this demo, and goes into more of what I’m teaching now in my most recent course Travel Sketching in Mixed Media.


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