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Sketching Street Life : People in Motion


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The fourth and final episode in my Artist Network TV sketching series is about capturing street life as it happens around you.

We visit Washington Park in downtown Cincinnati for an 80 minute sketching demo, showing the process start-to-finish as I compose a street scene full of people.

This can be a real drawing challenge – nobody is holding still for me, and there’s no way to know what you’ll find for subjects. But people always surprise you with their variety. Just sit on any busy street corner for an hour and you’ll see a great selection of characters and small true life stories.

80 Minute Video Sketching Demonstration

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The main take-away from the video is something discussed in my book The Urban Sketcher, in which I combine details from a number of passers-by into a composite figure. Starting with an interesting gesture caught in the moment, and building up a character. Not a likeness of any single person (unless I get lucky and they stay for a while), but a representation of a typical resident of the area.

You can find out more about my people sketching tips in my free downloadable work book: Actors on Stage: Sketching Characters on the Street – or of course from my full-length online course Sketching People in Motion. Here also is a short book exerpt about a people sketching exercise you can try at home.


I hope you’ll enjoy watching me spontaneously combine figures and faces while I talk about drawing :)

In the previous episodes in the series, we’ve covered the topics of travel sketching, drawing birds from life, and how to sketch panoramas. Subscribers to the Artist Network will be able to watch all four of my video demonstrations, as well as 400+ other art instructional programs for one monthly subscription.

Artist Network videos are also available on DVD or by Digital Download from the North Light Shop.

I do receive a small royalty for each view on the network or any dvd/download sales. So, thanks in advance for your support. It make all my art blogging and sketching workshops possible.

If you have seen the video and have any questions – please feel free to mail me at marc(dot)taro(at)

Thanks! ~m

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