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People in Motion Video Course


I’m excited to announce my first online video course offered in partnership with the arts and crafts website

This 2.5 hour course consists of seven 15-30 minute videos of me drawing for the camera. I demonstrate in step-by-step lessons, my fast and reliable process for sketching active subjects. Showing exactly how I learned to sketch spontaneously wherever the action is happening.

Here’s a few of my favorite things I’ve drawn from life since starting up urban sketching in Montreal : Drummers and Dancers | Historic Reenactors | Rock Climbers | Urban Sketchers | Trial Lawyers | Tattoo Artists | Bee KeepersSneaky Portraits | More Urban Sketchers | Ballet Dancers | Actors on Stage

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During the videos you see me do multiple examples in pen and ink, followed with watercolor washes. In the first few lessons we’ll cover the basics. How to work quickly and capture information before you lose your subject. I try to teach efficient observation – to use every bit of time the situation offers. Along the way I’ll be showing relevant examples from my sketchbooks, and explaining my materials.

In later lessons I’ll demonstrate two advanced approaches: sketching in water-soluble ink, and working directly in watercolor. Plus I’ll introduce the art of reportage – being an embedded sketcher documenting real life events.

If you register for the class right now, using the link on this page you’ll automatically get $15 off just because you’re a reader of my blog. Cool hey? As well, I get a little bonus for registrations coming from here – so please -spread the word and share this link. I hope you’ll enjoy the class, while at the same time supporting all the free content that I’ll keep on sending your way. Thanks!

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Every class purchased on comes with lifetime access. You can watch the lessons as many times as you like, even bookmark important bits and jump back to them later.

Plus, you can ask me specific questions right next to each video. I’ll see exactly what you were watching when you entered your question – and I’ll be answering each one personally. If there are any common questions that seem to be trending, I’ll do a post here on Citizen Sketcher, perhaps with a follow up demo. Whatever it takes to give more in-depth answers.

You can also share your own artwork for feedback – both from myself, and the larger group of students. Sort of an online version of what we do in an Urban Sketchers workshop.


And, if you want to get started right now, there is always my PDF pamphlet on the subject of Sketching people in Motion – available free of charge: DOWNLOAD HERE. If you like what you see, then this course is for you. Long-time readers probably have this already – it’s the class notes from my Barcelona workshop in 2013. But just in case :)

As well, here’s a page of notes on sketching materials, in case you have any gear-related questions.

Thanks, ~m

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