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Direct Watercolor

14June20_Moulin_l'île Perrot

Windmill at the Pointe du Moulin, L’Île-Perrot, Diptych,11×30″

These works are mostly from the summer of 2014 and spring of 15. They’re a cross section of my ‘second generation’ watercolor painting. As a beginner, prior to this, I was mainly working in a method I call Tea, Milk, and Honey. Read more about that over here.

Terrebonne Mill, L’ile des Moulins, Diptych, 11×30″

I was of course blogging all my artistic experiments as they were happening. You can click though to read my original blog posts about learning to work ‘Direct to Color’.

This has been a natural evolution for me, starting with drawing, and moving through tinting my drawings, and now, drawing directly with the brush.

As time goes on this small gallery of art becomes dated-looking to me. But it’s interesting to preserve it as one of the major steps towards my present day painting – which you can always see on the front page of the blog!


Panorama from the Chalet du Montreal, Diptych, 12×32″

Maison Smith, Parc du Mont-Royal, Diptych, 12×32″

14Oct04_Fall_George Etienne Cartier Monument
Mount Royal from Parc Jeanne-Mance, Diptych, 11×30″

15Mar15_Florida_Intracostal (2)
11×15″ original watercolor, Storm over Miami

15Mar15_Florida_Intracostal (1)
10×14″ original watercolor, Pumpkin Key Sky

15Mar15_Florida_Intracostal (5)
10×14″ original watercolor, Pumpkin Key Sunset

15Mar15_Vizcaya (2)

Travel Sketches from Vizcaya Gardens, Miami. 5.5×7″

Miniature Sketches from Sunset Pier, Key West 4×4″

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