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Day 05: OneWeek100People 2023: Tiny Oil Heads!

March 10, 2023

Click for a very nice video in which I get philosophical about painting:)


So! Thanks to everyone who’s been doing #OneWeek100People for this, the Seventh Year!

(*Cheering sounds.*)

I had a really good time with this week. I got to do a LOT of drawing, and pretty much ignore any responsibilities, besides making art for an entire week. How great is that!? Thank you so much for the opportunity.

I hope you guys have engaged with the group up on Facebook. The real secret is in the posting! It makes you do the work! That’s where the magic is! And of course, the sharing and communication with everyone is as big a reward as the art-gains.

This week has me very excited for my next annual event , which is of course #30x30DirectWatercolor. This is when we upsize from one week, to an entire month. One watercolor painting a day for thirty days! I hope I can convince as many of you as possible to come try that event as well.

In the mean time, keep commenting on other people’s work in the Facebook, and – if you’ve had a great time with #OneWeek, I hope you’ll post a big finish when you hit your 100!

Even if it takes you a few days after the official event. Don’t hesitate to drop me a comment here on this post, or tag me on Facebook.

Take care everyone!


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  1. Maureen Vermilya permalink
    March 10, 2023 4:50 PM

    These are amazing. Thank you for sharing this week in the videos. I love to see and learn from each different approach..regardless of that days chosen process and materials.

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