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#30×30, 2022, Day 25: The End of my Figure Drawing Marathon!

June 24, 2022

Well, today was the fifth day in a row, doing six hour drawing days. It’s been an amazing ride, but, to be honest, it’s been tiring.

In the last few years I’ve quit drinking caffeine as a rule. But – during this time I’ve had to go back on that promise. There were a few expensive chai lattes, and plenty of teeth-rattling sodas powering me through these early morning sessions and long afternoons.

Not great health wise, and – not sustainable.

By day five, I could really feel my lack of energy. I had many more failed sketches, and still more just-average-ones. Then, in the long ponderous poses, when I usually do two or three different angles, I simply sat and noodled this portrait. Which – it did turn out great. I’m quite happy :)

But really, getting one great one from an entire day – that’s not great by my standards.

So! This is my morality tale about DAILY STUDIES.

I feel like #30×30 is a MUCH BETTER IDEA than a week long marathon :)

Daily work is something you can scale to your energy level and available time. It’s something you can save up and do in bursts. Flexibility, and commitment for the long term. That’s going to pay off better than whipping yourself, or putting in long hours.

At least, at my age and level of experience. Perhaps the self-flagellation is worth while when you’re young and resilient – and when you have a lot to learn! But the further you go in your art – the less brute-force can help you.

At this point, I need to be thinking about the ‘why’ and the ‘what’ of my work, and be a lot less focused on the ‘how’.

Of course, I still feel it was worth it – and I’ll probably do it again next year. Even after dragging my old tired self though this last day. And I’m going to pay for all this caffeine over the next week I’m sure! I’ll be lucky if I escape without a migraine.

So! Here’s my final word on life drawing for this month; a very fine derriere, belonging to a retired flamenco dancer :) Possibly the best tush I’ve sketched lately :)

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