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#30×30, 2022, Day 23: Figure Drawing Intensif! Day 3

June 23, 2022

Last night (evening of day 2) I was super tired – and it was only the second day of this event! I’m not used to getting up early and going to work! Hah. So, I decided to hit these with some wake up color ;) That’s out-of-the-tube DS Pyrrol Orange.

Then in the afternoon, the I rushed back after lunch to find this rather incredible back-bend recline.

There are a few details to this pose – the relaxed hand, and the tense foot – that made it a top notch design. Great work on the part of the model.

This model has a darker skintone, which is always a rare opportunity at life drawing. I think I was starting to get it in this little portrait. I enjoy doing these little heads – under 2″ tall. It’s a good ‘sketchbook’ size.

This one was extra fun, with her elegant two-tone bleached and close-cropped hair.

I had to try the last pose of the day twice – the first one was not a keeper.

But that always means I can re-draw it faster and cleaner the second try. Here’s the re-do sketch, and the painted result (below). Interestingly – these are done on Strathmore Aquarius II paper – (unlike Day 1 and 2 which were on Arches 140lb cold press). So yes – the Aquarius has been annoying me this time around. I don’t like it for this. It’s so soft, any pencil line is like an engraving tool. There is absolutely no option to erase on this paper. Also, it damages very easily. If you carry the paper around, it picks up dents and dings in the slightest breeze. Even get’s damaged by bulldog clips.

I mostly use this paper for making folded pen-and-ink travel sketchbooks – so I’ve never really noticed these complaints when I was working small and doing pen and ink + wash.

Anyway – I was pretty happy with this ‘no-fixes’ drawing :) That’s another kind of Direct isn’t it :)

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