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I Wonder – How Many of You Are Readers?

July 24, 2020

Do you read for entertainment?

Because – I’ve recently put together a collection of my own original fiction, Snake Eater and 29 Other Bite-Sized Stories. < affiliate links, thx ]

It’s a slim volume of thirty stories. Some are tiny – what you’d call micro-fiction. Others are traditional length short stories.

They cross an odd set of genres, maybe best labeled contemporary fantasy. Maybe a touch of horror, definitely spiced with some dark humor. Oh, and they’re written for adults. But nothing I wouldn’t let my mother read. (You don’t know my mother. That might not be saying much).

I’d love to hear what people think!

If you’re interested, I can send you a PDF copy by email. Free of charge. Details below.


I’d love it if you were willing to make a purchase – because that gives you the option to leave a verified review on Amazon.

Which is kind of an incredible favor for a writer. The best thing you can do for us, and it only takes a moment. A great many of you did this for my drawing books, The Urban Sketcher and Direct Watercolor, and those reviews are still putting bread on the table as we speak. (For which, you have my heartfelt thanks).

So yes! You can buy Snake Eater in eBook format at a special price of $2.99. (US and CA, and something close to that in other currencies). Or, if you prefer, you can purchase the paperback for $9.99. (The regular everyday price).

The print experience is my personal favorite. I very much enjoyed doing the page design. Typography is kind of nerdy, but so satisfying to get it right.

Also – I should be clear – even though I’m an artist, this book is not illustrated. These are stories that work best with imagination.

You have my thanks in advance for purchases and reviews!! Or, if you want to take me up on a free PDF version (readable on screen in Acrobat or a web browser, or you can print it out yourself), email me at marc(dot)taro(at)gmail(dot)com with Snake Eater in the subject line – and I’ll send it right out.

Thanks everyone,
~Marc Taro Holmes

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  1. July 24, 2020 10:09 PM

    Hi Marc, I follow your blog and share it with two others; I’m using pastels right now but am beginning to get the urge to paint again (after 50-ear hiatus). Love your work. I just bought a copy of your short story book because I know it will be fun. Thanks for being an inspiration.

    Naomi Bradshaw, Plattsburgh, NY


  2. July 27, 2020 8:44 AM

    Any way to get a physical copy without going through Amazon?

    • July 29, 2020 4:56 PM

      Hey SiverBlack – I was going to say no, not at this time – but the real answer is “kinda?”…

      I’m publishing it right now with Kindle Direct, Amazon’s print-on-demand service. I might start putting my books on other platforms someday – but I haven’t found the time to learn the ins-and-outs. If you’re publishing on a shoestring as I am, Amazon is kind of the first port of call. I do have it setup so independent bookstores can order this book at wholesale prices, but if they do I only make a tiny fraction of the royalty. Essentially I lose money that way. But I did anyway, just to reach readers. But even if you go into a local shop and request an order, Amazon would still be printing it and sending it to the bookstore. Amazon get’s their share, the bookstore get’s their share, and I get the leftovers.

      This is the dark side of the self-publishing boom – it’s kind of an artificial hothouse that only exists because Amazon is our (self-interested) patron.

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