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Get ready for USK: Chicago with #OneWeek100PeopleSymposium!

July 14, 2017

We’re getting close to the USK Symposium in Chicago. That means many of us will be sketching more sketchers than we’ve ever sketched before!

Past USK President Elizabeth Alley suggested we re-boot this spring’s one week 100 people speed sketching  project as a warm-up for all the drawing we’ll be doing together in Chicago.

A symposium is the perfect place for this. We have all these people, who honestly don’t mind if we draw them :) Every workshop, lunch break, and every after-party will become a continuous marathon. If you want to get in some practice – all you have to do is sketch 100 people in one week, the week before :)

Have a look back at some of last year’s posts for inspiration, and you’ll see it’s absolutely a great goal for any sketcher, at any skill level.

We’re going to run a round of sketches from July 17 to 21, and this time use the hashtag #OneWeek100PeopleSymposium.

I think if you’re still posting your 100 people during the symposium that’s cool – but we don’t want to take away from USK’s own tag:  so don’t forget to use both.

Also, here’s the graphics in blue, (Square / Strip)  if you want save them locally and use them to make a progress bar:)

Have fun! ~m





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