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Return of the Tall Ships

September 18, 2012

Last weekend was the annual visit of the wooden masted Tall Ships. Neat to be sketching them again –  these ships were the first thing I drew in Montreal, two years ago.

All the rigging and railings on these floating museums make for a fun drawing challenge. Fortunately, I’ve been sketching a lot of boats, what with the recent Newfoundland trip.

Vessels like this used to bring trade goods from all over the world. Today, I suppose their cargo is nostalgia. Thousands of people (they expect 300,000 over the four day weekend) turn out for a day of touring the cramped vessels, meeting the crews, enjoying performances of sea shantys and folk music, and perhaps, a beer served by a pirate wench.

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    January 15, 2013 12:24 PM


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