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#OneWeek100People 2018 : All Posts Collected


Day One : Begin with the Basics – Brushpen


So it begins! It’s time for #OneWeek100People2018!

I hope your first day of the marathon is going great :)

I took it low-stress, spending an entire afternoon going back to the basics – just a brush pen and some cheap cover-stock from the stationary store. The simplicity sets me free to burn up paper – cheerfully toss out the bad ones.

Last year, I started with gesture drawings in a fine-line. This time, the big black brush pen!  Plus – working super small.

Working in miniature is a lot of fun. It’s like having a huge brush.

Fill an entire figure, head to toe, in a just a few strokes. Use the very tip for line work, then switch to the side and block in a solid silhouette. It’s so fast!

#OneWeek100People2018: Day One: Metro Sketching!

Montreal is the city of big black coats.

It makes the smokers on the street into perfect silhouettes.

I was drawing through glass windows of an office building – watching people psych themselves up for a day at work.

If you get too comfortable with the brush, the drawings start growing out of control, becoming full-page.

I think this is because I want to draw some faces.

So ok, let’s do figures and heads about the same size.

By now, I’m standing in line to get into the Montreal Moto Show. There’s plenty of beards in the lineup.

She’s looking for the mommy-and-me yoga meetup. And yes, I’m counting the kid. That little head was the hardest to draw.

Office workers go to Starbucks. Moto Show fans go to Tim Hortons.

I just got started on her, when her boyfriend came back – he’s only allowed so much time looking at motorcycles.

This is me being ready to lose my subject at any moment.

Try to draw from the big shape, down to smaller – so you can stop the sketch at any moment, and it still works.

That’s a nice head there – some negative drawing around his dome.

Notice how I don’t take the black all the way around? I like to leave gaps in the surrounding tone. Let the eye close shapes.

In this one, I’m getting ready to go eat, so I snapped some out-of-focus cellphone pics of people walking to the escalator. Drew these while eating. Is it cheating? You’d never know unless I told you :)

By the way, I feel weirder taking photos of people than drawing them. Nobody comes up and says “How nice, you’re taking pictures!” – but you get nice comments all the time if you’re sketching in public.

Two from a quick cellshot waiting for the walk light, and two from life while boarding the train home.

So far so good! That was my first day.

I’m kind of kicking myself now for not just finishing the 100 in a day. It would have been pretty easy. I have 69 here – and a bunch more I tossed as they didn’t stand up to inspection.

Plus I wasted a chunk of the day trying to draw motorcycles. More on that later.

Ok! – Please Leave some comments if you have sketches from your day-one already. Let’s see what everyone’s up to!

Tomorrow, I’ll post new silhouettes, this time in color.


Day Two : Direct Water People


Here’s my day two of #OneWeek100People2018 – and this is my favorite sketch so far.

(In my entire life I mean. What a little gem!)

I hope you can see the method to my madness. All the black and white silhouettes yesterday, were meant to warm me up for colored silhouettes today.

I started a few with a continuous line doodle in pencil underneath, but I quickly realized, (for the hundredth time) you don’t need the guideline. If I can do it in ink, I can do it in color!

So I took the plunge and went right in with the brush!

This is a great exercise on the very basics of Direct Watercolor painting. An easy way to get the feel for placing bits of color NEXT to each other. So one stroke fuses into the next, but the color doesn’t get muddy.

Remember – don’t manually blend or scrub any color, or even go back into the wet area. Just place color NEXT to color, and they will stitch together on their own.

[ Read all about it in my new book Direct Watercolor <affiliate link, thx]

As well – just like in an ink drawing – the tiny gaps you leave intentionally, become part of the drawing. Making the ‘broken silhouette’ slightly more understandable as a figure.

By the way, I’m still using my new ultra-mini square pans + business-card-palette from

It’s just the thing for sketching on the go. It’s so lightweight. Make it much easier to hold a drawing board in your off-hand all day. The older I get the more I care about that sort of thing.


Considering I was oot-and-aboot, I took in a show – sketching Toronto based Dave Allen at L’escalier. (Have a listen to his song: “When the Demons Come“).

As anyone who’s sketched musicians can tell you – they move around a lot :)

This one, once again, has a pencil drawing underneath. When I get concerned about getting a likeness, I tend to fall back on that sketch. But I’m trying to keep it as Direct Watercolor as possible :) You have to decide how much you want a drawing as a safety net. It’s a little less stressful with a doodle underneath, but I always regret it a bit.

Kind of like eating mac and cheese. You want it, you like it, but you regret it. <The comfort-food zone.


Day Three : Night Sketching


Day three of #OneWeek100People2018!

I hope everyone is hitting their stride? Do you think you’re seeing the advantage of daily practice yet?

I felt this one fall out of my brush without the slightest effort.

In fact, I don’t even know who painted those hands. That’s some next-level abstraction.

I’d just ducked into Cafe Pi on St. Laurent – a strange little haunt which is the home of some truly crusty chess players. Have you ever seen a bar full of old woodpushers swearing, brawling and talking trash? It’s impressive.

There was a chill dude playing live music – so I sat right down and sketched him. I hadn’t even really finished when he packed up and stormed out. Shouting that the chess club didn’t appreciate him! He could make more tips in a half hour busking the metro!

I’d been out at figure drawing < hidden naked sketch there, and another one) and on the walk back was finding all these perfect silhouettes of people backlit against the street lights.

Suddenly the whole city is looking like brush-pen miniatures :)

I’m getting kind of silly here – just seeing how small I can make these guys.

That’s a #2 Pointed Round pocket brush by Rosemary and Co.

This was my goal with this year’s #OneWeek100People2018.

To do a little test-flight, and see if I could add people into the same kind of direct watercolor I might do in a travel sketchbook.

Next trip I go on – I won’t take a pencil at all!


Day Four : Selfie Series


Day Four – and that’s my 100 people for #OneWeek100People2018.

So, the thing with the self-portrait – it can seem kind of narcissistic. That’s ok. That’s probably accurate for most artists, isn’t it? It certainly is for bloggers! Of course, the real deal is, it’s one model that’s always available, and you can’t get too offended if the likeness looks weird :)

This first one isn’t a great likeness. But it’s a nice Direct Watercolor. Bold shapes, wet-inside, dry on the edges – the shape IS the drawing, right?

#OneWeek100People2018 is a great time to try out a selfie series. If you can take an evening and bang out five (or more) in a row, perhaps you’ll see the benefits of repetition. If you can sketch someone (or somethingmore than once, you’ll start to memorize the features. Each one gets a bit more on-target.

To be honest, I’m not the best portrait artist. It’s an artform where accuracy counts, and I’m too impatient for that :) I hedged my bets sketching Dave Allen the other day, so I committed to doing these straight into the paper without a sketch underneath. When you know you get more than one shot, it’s less stressful.

BTW, Note the use of the background tone to draw the lit right side on that third head. Negative painting!

The first one is flattering via simplification, but the last one is a little bit more accurate I think. It’s still El-Greco-stretched. That’s like a visual tic of mine.

Anyway – good exercise – and I think if I kept going – like, if a person did 100 of JUST selfies (maybe next year?) – I think you’d really make some painting breakthroughs. Maybe tomorrow I might keep going?

We’ll see. I’m bored with my own face. But that’s a good reason to keep at it. Maybe it could force out some new brushwork or more daring color choices.

Ok – that’s it for now – how are you doing with your #OneWeek100People? Post your progress in the comments! It’s getting down to the wire!

Bonus notes below! >


#OneWeek100People – Around the Web


Here’s the easiest way to enjoy everyone elses #OneWeek100People2018 sketches.

And the reason I keep saying it doesn’t matter if you post on your own page, or in a group, or anywhere at all  – as long as you post with the hashtag.

If we search on Facebook for the tag, then hit ‘Photos’ and ‘See All Public Photos’ – we get an incredible gallery of art – all done in the last few days!

There are similar search functions on Twitter, Instagram and of course, you can just google/image the tag #OneWeek100People2018.

Just a note – if you’re posting to a group – like Urban Sketchers on facebook, or Artistic Nudes on Flickr – check the group rules. They each have guidelines of what kind of content to share and you don’t want a mixup :) #OneWeek100People2018 is agnostic. We just want you to draw.

If in doubt – hashtag it, and keep it on your own timeline :)

I’m loving the variety – from sniping people at art class :)

To classic cafe sketching (or is that tea shop? Coffee in Asian teacups?!)

This looks like sketching from a movie – that’s a fun way to get it done at home.

Media experiments! Jellyroll white pen on black sketchbook.

Or sketching into your daily journal.

So – try out the hashtag search on your favorite social media platform and see what everyone else is sketching!



Day Five : So it Ends – – Or Does It?


I feel like there’s two ways to judge the success of your #OneWeek100People2018.

How much fun was it? < Dr. Sketchy’s Montreal)

Or, how much you got accomplished :)

Either way, big thanks to everyone who participated! I hope this jolt of inspiration can keep you going for a good long while. At least until your next big sketching event.

I know there’s always something in this terrific online community of ours. My next-big-thing is the USK Chicago Sketch Seminar in June. < Still spaces available I believe).

So – take care everyone and thanks for your #OneWeek100People2018!


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