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Sept 19-21, Myrtle Beach, SC : Watercolor Sketching En Plein Air

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Sept 19-21, 2016

Working in partnership with the South Carolina Watermedia Society we are offering a three day watercolor painting event in-and-around Myrtle Beach, SC.

We’ll be working at various locations chosen by local artists, painting en plein air, teaching the art of spontaneous sketching in watercolor. This is intended to be an easel-painting type of workshop for students with a basic familiarity in both watercolor and painting outdoors.

Please note: You will need a car to reach locations! (or arrange to carpool with other students). And there may be small fees for parking and park admissions. Maps and instructions are available. Boxed lunches will be provided on location.  (Details on registration page).

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I will be emphasizing direct painting with very little preparatory drawing (if any). I find this alla prima approach to be great fun. It’s speedy and exciting. Ideally suited to a quick sketch captured on the spot.

I work with a lightweight portable easel, or even just a drawing board held on my knees, painting wet-on-dry. I prefer painting on taped sheets of cold press paper, but you may also bring a few watermedia sketchbooks if you prefer (Note, drying time is a factor before you can turn the page and start the next one!).

My goal on location is usually multiple 30-90 minute paintings in a day, moving around to different views. I find this both excellent training in brush work and paint handling, as well as the best way to explore a beautiful setting.

During the course you’ll have freedom to choose: watch me demonstrate, and paint along with instruction, OR do independent work nearby and check-in for regular shared critiques.

You can find out about recommended materials on my Watercolor Supplies page and read plenty of articles about my methods on this blog, (search for ‘watercolor‘ in the topics drop-down menu in right hand sidebar) or, here’s some highlights: (Italy | Montreal | Rio | Sao Paulo). Actually, this step-by-step demo from my post series “Direct To Watercolor” might be the best starting point.

NOTE: the workshop is limited to 16 participants: Click HERE to Register Today with the SCWS!

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