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Unfortunately, as of now, (June 2017) we are suspending our popular in-person painting and drawing workshops. Apologies to everyone who’s expressed interest, whom we haven’t had a chance to meet.

Here’s the back story:

My step-father has been afflicted with progressive dementia for a few years, and in recent months his condition has become more severe. We’ve decided to stop organizing workshops for the time being and take on the role of part-time caregivers. This situation naturally changes things for us, leading us both to focus on our studio work.

Thanks so much to everyone who has come to our sketching workshops over the years. We’ve enjoyed meeting so many of you face to face. Travel and teaching has been a huge part of my own artistic development. I often feel it has been more rewarding for me than it has been for the students :)

My online classes with remain available, and we are considering some new projects that might be of interest to sketchers. Take care, and keep in touch by subscribing to the blog (link at upper right), or on social media.

~Marc and Laurel


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