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Call for Volunteer Moderators! #30x30DirectWatercolor 2023

May 22, 2023

Hey Everyone!

So we’re just ramping up for the #30x30DirectWatercolor painting marathon.

This will be the sixth year! Which is kind of amazing :) That has got to be thousands of paintings we have made together over the years :)

This year, we’re looking for volunteers to help moderate the Facebook group. (See the video above :)

If you’re already in the group, then you’re familiar with how we do it. I try to comment on everything I see each morning – but I know that I can’t possibly do justice to all of the activity.

I’ll offer critique if it seems like the poster is looking for that, and I’m always there to encourage you, and offer a little push to keep painting every day. It’s only one month of the year where we get this chance to indulge ourselves, leave our art supplies all over the dining room table, shirk all our other responsibilities, and really invest in ourselves and our painting.

So – bottom line – we’re hoping to find FOUR more people who enjoy this as much as we do.

There’s no special requirements – just be someone who’s excited about making thirty paintings in thirty days – and equally excited about helping everyone else cross the finish line.

We’re not expecting moderators to be exceptional painters, or even past ‘winners’, with their 30-in-a-row. All that matters is that you’re excited about a chance to hang out with others who are doing this same thirty day commitment.

So if that sounds cool, and if you want to find out more, head over to the Facebook group, and read the new FAQ on the group’s Guides page.

We hope to be able to announce new moderators by the end of the month, so don’t hesitate! If you’d like to charge-up your team-spirit, this is your chance!

And, of course, if you’re *not* already doing the annual painting marathon and you’re wondering what I’m talking about; read my own journals from past years HERE, or sign up for the #30x30DirectWatercolor Facebook Group HERE.

Ok – Thanks everyone!

See you June first!


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