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REGISTRATION IS OPEN for THE LAST HURRAH! Sign up for the #30×30 2022 Zoom Closing Parties!

June 25, 2022

There will be 2 parties to enable global participation.

Hurrah #1: 9am PDT. Check your time zone here.

Hurrah #2: 7pm PDT. Check your time zone here.


PLEASE READ: Click on the registration link and be taken to Uma’s calendar. then *CLICK ON JUNE 30th*, and choose your time slot. Please only choose ONE time slot, so everyone has the best chance.

The first 25 People who register will be invited to show everyone their VERY BEST PIECE from the #30x30DirectWatercolor Marathon. It doesn’t matter if you finished all 30 pieces! That’s ok. Just show us your best piece. Everyone will have a few minutes to show and tell, so please be ready to talk about your work, thanks. We will all be interested to hear what you learned in the thirty days.


If you are unable to register, it’s because it’s already sold out (sorry). BUT YOU CAN STILL PARTICIPATE! Here are the links for the LIVE CAST PARTIES on YouTube:

Thanks very much for being part of #30×30, and I hope to see you at THE LAST HURRAH!


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