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Want to give a $1000 donation to the arts?

February 29, 2016

USK Contest Blurb

Right now, the publishers of my online classes, are running a promotion (February 29 to March 13) in honor of National Craft Month, in which every new registrant to an online class is entered to win a $1000 donation to the craft-related charity of their choice.

As well, there is a potential benefit for the instructors.  Every *brand new* student (that is, someone who has never before registered for a class) contributes to a ladder-style contest. If we can achieve sufficient numbers of registrants, we can win various prizes individually or even double the value of the donation.

Naturally I would point out is a registered non-profit in the USA. They would make a great recipient for the prize! But of course it would be up to the winner where the funds would go. operates entirely by donation and volunteer efforts. Your support allows us to put on events such as the International Urban Sketchers Symposium (this year in Manchester UK) which offer you 20+ instructors for the lowest possible fee. Less than you’d pay for a typical single-instructor workshop. (Now that I say that out loud – what an incredible opportunity that is. We must really love sketching together :)

Remember – to qualify for the top tier benefits (bonus to us if we get lots of new registrants! and potential double donation!) you must be a new student, never having taken a Craftsy class. So maybe you can get a friend to sign up? But everyone is automatically entered into the basic draw, so these are still great discounts if you’re already a student. All of our USK correspondents have joined in to give you these classes at their full instructor discount.

So – Thanks in advance for your support!  Even if it’s only forwarding this post. ~marc

TitleCard_Motion Title_Card_Travel
Marc Taro Holmes: Of course you can take my own classes! Click over here to find out more about these.

Craftsy_ShariBlaukopf  Craftsy_ShariBlaukopf02

Shari Blaukopf’s courses on sketchbook drawing and watercolor painting. Click over here for my full reviews of Sketching Landscapes and Sketching the City.


Stephanie Bower’s excellent primer on perspective. Great for beginners or experienced sketchers who need to refresh their discipline. My [full review over here].


Matt Brehm’s sketching essentials. Perfect for beginners, emphasis on foundation skills.

Craftsy_PaulHeaston  Craftsy_PaulHeaston02


Paul Heaston’s series on sketchbook drawing. Paul is a wizard with the pen. I’ve drawn beside him a few times, and always been impressed with his command of values, detail, and texture using only the simplest tools. He’s a fine art painter in his own right, but these courses are aimed at any skill level, emphasizing on-the-go sketching and daily journaling.


Steven Reddy’s Dynamic Detail. An in depth exploration of a progressive approach, building a sketch from simple details to fully rendered studies. Emphasis on still life and everyday objects, but applicable to anything.


James Richard’s Energy of Places. James is a professor of architecture and you can see his years of skill and training as an artist and teacher. Emphasis on  street views done in-the-moment in sketchbooks or with a small easel. Very helpful to plein air painters approaching the urban environment. [Full review here].


Suhita Shirodkar’s Figure Sketching make Simple. I’ve sketched many times on location with Suhita and taken her workshops at Urban Sketchers conferences. She’s a tremendously confident sketcher who gets right to the heart of a subject in only a few lines. I’ll be posting an in depth review  of this course soon.

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