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the knives come out again…

October 25, 2009

10 am – Mount Vision

2pm – Chimney Rock Trail

5:30 pm – McClure Beach

Just back from two more days painting at Point Reyes. Same as last  session – 9×12 oil paint on panel, all knife work.

The  thing I like about the palette knife –  every stroke is clean color – no loaded brushes messing up your pigments. I can’t imagine cleaning my brushes between every stroke out in the field – but that’s what you get for free with the knives.  As well – the paint is always completely opaque. Every mark is clearly articulated.

These sessions were either incredibly windy, doused in surf spray, or plagued with flies – so anything that gives you the color you want with less fuss is full of win!

I guess the bottom line is – I like the strokes you get! I try not to get too ‘artistic’ on the blog – but I have to say, I’m mesmerized by the expressive marks!

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